6 Reasons why you SHOULD choose a REALTOR

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It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling a home, a REALTOR is valuable to both parties. They are here to give data driven advice, to listen to their clients needs and to help make the most equitable decision for you and your family. Below are 6 reasons why you SHOULD choose a REALTOR.


  1. Education and Expertise
  • REALTORS are well educated on state and national laws associated with the buying and selling process. The must endure 60 hours of education that focuses on Real Estate Principles (property valuation, ethics, liens and encumbrances and transfer of real Property), Real Estate Practices (pricing and listing) and Legal Aspects of Real Estate (state laws, contracts, and disclosure guidelines) before taking and passing a State and National Real Estate exam. Once being licensed, they must participate in 15 hours of continued education requirements in order to keep their license active.


  1. Protecting your client’s interest
  • REALTORs are instrumental in working with fellow Realtors to obtain property information, scheduling showings and inquiring on potential buyer interest. By having a trusted relationship with a Realtor, it allows the client to have their personal freedom.


  1. Neighborhood Knowledge
  •  REALTORS research and stay informed on what is happening in surrounding neighborhoods. They are familiar with school zones, new construction, whether values are appreciating or depreciating, homeowner associations and dues within those neighborhoods so that they are prepared to answer questions while in the field.


  1. Market Analysis
  •  REALTORS research properties in order to obtain the optimal value for listing or purchasing a property. When you are selling your property, a Realtor can provide you with current data to help price your property competitively in the marketplace. When purchasing a property, a Realtor can provide evidence of similar sold properties, so that you can make a strong initial offer and be confident in your negotiating.


  1. Agreements and Contracts
  •  REALTORs are well trained on the various contracts, agreements and forms that are required to purchase or sell a property. These documents are necessary for both buyers and sellers to understand the legally binding terms of their contract or agreement. It is imperative that the Realtor fill them out correctly, because some documents will need to be provided to a Lender, Attorney, and/or Appraiser. Each client’s file can be audited at any time by the Alabama Real Estate Commission, so therefore Realtors are held accountable for their actions.


  1. Service after the closing
  •  REALTORs spend a lot of time with their clients during a transaction, but once the transaction is complete a Realtor is still working for their client. They are available to answer any questions, concerns or provide any lost paperwork from the sale of the property. Realtors also like to keep in touch with past clients to ensure customer satisfaction.


So, take your time and find a REALTOR, interview more than one, to determine who will work hard for you and will put your best interest, wants and desires above theirs. When you surround yourself with the right people (Realtor Lender, Attorney) the experience of buying or selling will be more enjoyable and less stressful.

Stephanie Hamner

Author Stephanie Hamner on December 28, 2018

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