6 Unexpected Benefits Realtors Can Provide Home Builders.

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Realtors can provide industry insights that help builders make informed decisions on the what, when, and where of building their next speculative home. Consider the following unexpected benefits a strong Realtor relationship can provide:


  • Access to key market data.


Realtors are the industry experts on what is currently selling and what has sold in the past. This knowledge will allow you to keep up with current trends and plan for the future. Realtors can determine market trends such as:


  • square footage
  • number of bedrooms and baths
  • garage or carport
  • lot size
  • style home: contemporary, craftsmen etc.
  • gas or electric appliances



  • Exposure to home buyers AND other agents


In the process of promoting your homes to potential buyers, Realtors also promote your homes to other agents. Having a Realtor on your team that believes in your product is invaluable. They can communicate the unique features of your custom designs to other agents in a manner that will broaden your business’ exposure to the right buyers.



  • A strategic marketing plan


Realtors have access to variety of tools and platforms to reach your potential home buyers. When these tools are paired with a Realtor’s specific insight into your market segment it creates an efficient and cost-effective way to communicated with your buyers. Some of these resources include:


  • real estate website
  • social media platforms
  • professional photography/drone footage
  • Visual tour technology


  • Insight into competitive pricing


Your Realtor can help determine the most competitive price through real estate comps or “comparables” which are used to value your home based on properties with similar features and characteristics.


  • The sales skills to market custom home options


Realtors are expert communicators. While selling your speculative homes they can simultaneously identify opportunities to educate buyers on all the possibilities of custom homes.


  • The ability to focus on what you do best ­– building quality homes


When your Realtor provides a variety of resources for reaching buyers and understands how to capitalize on market data, you can focus on your business, improve your craft and even get ahead of your competition.



A strong builder relationship will allow the complete focus on the build. This will ultimately provide a well-built home for the homeowner. The commission cost of the realtor can be justified based on the ability to market and price homes in such a way that the days on the market are limited, the price is optimal, and you can save on lending costs. Above all, builders will gain a working relationship that focuses on building the success of each partner, not just commission.



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Craig King

Author Craig King on November 13, 2018

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