College Football Week 12

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If you are an Auburn or Alabama fan then this week’s game isn’t going to have much excitement, BUT if you like football in general there are still some great matchups!! Here are some that we will be tuning into this weekend:

Louisville vs Miami – 11 am kick

Chattanooga vs Alabama – 11 am kick

Utah vs Arizona – 1:30 pm kick (Two ranked teams battling it out is always a good matchup)

Georgia vs Tennessee – 2:30 pm kick

North Carolina vs Clemson – 2:30 pm kick

New Mexico State vs Auburn – 3:00 pm kick

Kansas State vs Kansas – 6:00 pm kick (state rivals and both are currently ranked)

Washington vs Oregon State – 6:30 pm kick ( both ranked..could Washington loose and shake up the CFP?)

Florida vs Missouri – 6:30 pm kick

Kentucky vs South Carolina – 6:30 pm kick

No matter who you are pulling for this weekend, we have the entire weekend of games right here. Download/print your copy today!

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Stephanie Hamner

Author Stephanie Hamner on November 17, 2023

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