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College Football Week 12

If you are an Auburn or Alabama fan then this week's game isn't going to have much excitement, BUT if you like football in general there are still some great matchups!! Here are some that we will be tuning into this weekend: Louisville vs Miami - 11 am kick Chattanooga vs Alabama - 11 am kick Utah vs Arizona - 1:30 pm kick (Two ranked teams battling it out is always a good matchup) Georgia…
Stephanie Hamner
November 17, 2023
CollegeSEC football

College Football week 10

Some great games this weekend...lots of Top 25 matchups!! Beautiful weekend with cooler temps and FOOTBALL, who could ask for a better weekend! Here is the full schedule for Saturday, 11/3/2023: FootballSchedule wk 10
Craig King
November 3, 2023

Meet Your Agent – Mia Gentle

Let us introduce Mia Gentle, Realtor who finds great reward in making the dream of homeownership a reality. We sat down with Mia to learn more about her, her interest, and why she loves being a Realtor at River Rock Realty.   Where do you like to go on vacation? “Anywhere” Do you have a hobby? If so, do you mind telling us what your hobby is?   “Running.” Tell us about Family Time at…
Stephanie Hamner
September 7, 2023
Mortgage Lenders

Lender Spotlight – John Mills

John Mills and his team at Fairway Independent Mortgage have been an intracule part of our business for approx. 2 years. John and his team made a large impressions on the agents within our office by working diligently with every client and creating transparency and good communication throughout the entire loan process. John always says, "we are in this together" and that is so true. Having a lender that works alongside the Real Estate Agents…
Craig King
July 13, 2022
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6 Reasons why you SHOULD choose a REALTOR

It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling a home, a REALTOR is valuable to both parties. They are here to give data driven advice, to listen to their clients needs and to help make the most equitable decision for you and your family. Below are 6 reasons why you SHOULD choose a REALTOR.   Education and Expertise REALTORS are well educated on state and national laws associated with the buying and selling process.…
Stephanie Hamner
December 28, 2018
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6 Unexpected Benefits Realtors Can Provide Home Builders.

  Intro: Realtors can provide industry insights that help builders make informed decisions on the what, when, and where of building their next speculative home. Consider the following unexpected benefits a strong Realtor relationship can provide:   Access to key market data.   Realtors are the industry experts on what is currently selling and what has sold in the past. This knowledge will allow you to keep up with current trends and plan for the…
Craig King
November 13, 2018